Competitor Intelligence Reports:

Competitor Intelligence Reports transforms data into answers across all key performance attributes of your company, competitors, partners, and customers.

What strategic choices have been made and what are their effects on the company's future? Where is the company today, where is it heading, and what will it become?

Get the latest forecasts of net reserves and production, capital spending, net cash flow and valuations grouped by 15 characteristics:

  • Long-Term Forecast
  • Country Focus
  • Growth Focus Areas
  • Oil/Gas Mix
  • Portfolio Maturity
  • Oil Quality
  • Water Depth
  • Development Type
  • Price Case Sensitivity
  • Top Projects
  • Operatorship
  • Sources of Ownership
  • Discovery Vintage
  • Recovery Category
  • Technology

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Chevron Corporation



ExxonMobil Corporation

Royal Dutch Shell

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