Upstream Dynamics™

Comprehensive analysis of the worldwide upstream oil and gas sector and the underlying assets

Upstream Dynamics is a unique online analytic service focused on the global oil and gas industries. Upstream Dynamics's unique power as a tool for professionals engaged in research and analysis is rooted in the way in which it combines:

  • An extraordinarily rich foundation of highly detailed data concerning oil and gas assets and the owning companies
  • Asset-specific cash flow models, and
  • A powerful, easy to use, and adaptable data management interface that is built and maintained by Gordon Energy Solutions

System Design and Data make it Unique

  • Data are classified using multiple, meaningful categories (oil and gas quality characteristics, water depth, production technologies, source rock types and asset stage of maturity, etc.)
  • Search, group and filter on any combination of asset characteristics. Upstream Dynamics is designed to make complex analysis simple and intuitive.
  • Benchmark crude and gas prices used in the Upstream Dynamics models are adjusted to reflect relevant features of each asset (API gravity of crudes, the terms of identified gas sales contracts, or LNG is netted back to the wellhead from the point of delivery
  • Upstream Dynamics data is used to estimate cost functions linking the cycles in oil and gas prices with corresponding cost cycles in our models.
  • Continuous updates and online delivery ensure access to the most recent data
  • Enhancing client productivity is the central goal. With Upstream Dynamics one source generates analysis that clients have previously derived from multiple individual services. One click exporting of Upstream Dynamics results to a spreadsheet for further analysis and creation of presentation graphics and tables

Upstream Dynamics provides the capability to generate objective, independent analysis across a broad spectrum of critically important functions.

Competitor Intelligence & New Business Development

  • Evaluate companies' assets from the bottom up
  • Drill-Down into the details. Upstream Dynamics is built to drill-down to incredibly granular levels of detail
  • Pinpoint leading players in areas of interest and their relative strengths & weaknesses

Peer Group Analysis & Benchmarking

  • Compare your company to any peer group you choose on the basis of meaningful metrics derived from asset characteristics
  • Benchmark your company to the rest of the industry
  • Discover weaknesses in your position
  • Estimate likely ranges of comparative performance metrics

Acquisition & Divestiture Screening

  • Identify opportunities and assets that can solve challenges you are facing
  • Match companies or assets to identified areas of need to screen the entire database for possible deals
  • Value entire companies or individual assets using your own cost of capital and evaluate price risks using the different price case assumptions


  • Anticipate emerging shifts in industry conditions
  • Integrate industry, country, company and asset analysis seamlessly
  • Assess public policy risks using forecasts of future production, government revenues and costs in producing countries
  • Calculate the impact of changes in government take on your operations and those of your competitors

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